We are based in Pinewood Studios, situated in the heart of the film industry.

We offer the best Italian product for your project, including magnificent costumes, accessories such as hats, jewels, shoes, and props like armories and furniture, along with wigs, face lace, and hairpieces.

Our services can assist you in making necessary and exquisite choices for the optimal outcome of your project, all while adhering to your budget constraints.

Annamode Costumes

They play a crucial role in international Television & Film productions, as well as providing services to renowned Theaters and Opera houses . They offer a vast collection of authentic costumes. More than 70 years' experience permits them to deliver a high quality product in a short time and within a given budget.

Costumi D'Arte - Peruzzi

Since the late forties, Costumi d'Arte has been a key player in major international productions. The exceptional quality of their costumes is highlighted by the numerous Oscar nominations received by their costume designers. With a vast stock of costumes spanning from ancient Rome to the present day, Costumi d'Arte continues to be a leading choice for authentic and high-quality costume needs.

E. Rancati

Since 1864, the world’s most renowned directors, art designers, and costume designers have relied on E.Rancati, based in Milan, Rome ( with representation in London) for their prop needs. In their extensive workshops spanning over 5000 square meters, skilled craftsmen meticulously create, transform, and modify arms, armor, furniture, outfits, and jewelry.

Pierantoni Shoes

Pierantoni Shoes is a family business that has been serving the entertainment production industry since 2003. Their footwear is meticulously crafted offering the perfect balance of style and on screen functionality. In addition Pierantoni Shoes offers a range of services to support costume and production designers from the beginning to the end of their projects and flexible options for buying or renting.

Pieroni Workshop

Pieroni is world-renowned for their production of rental of hats, armor and breastplates. Each product is meticulously hand-made, following in-depth historical research. Pieroni's unmatched quality, customisation, and personalisation set them apart from any rivals in the industry as they remain the largest and most saught after Italian handcraft company in film and production.


Driven by creativity and passion, Pikkio collaborates with international fashion brands to create jewelry, bags, belts, and pieces for film and theatre productions. Pikkio's expertise shines in crafting an array of historical jewelry and costume accessories, from primitive to contemporary masterpieces. With Pikkio, every accessory tells a story of timeless elegance and craftsmanship.