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ANNAMODE: where an actor becomes his character

Annamode Costumes is a world of creativity and history, where you can express your imagination through a wide range of services. Their offerings include:
Artistic Sartorial Consultations : In our open-space area, we provide assistance with studying and setting up your project. You have access to the tailoring department, fitting room, and the fabric treatment and processing laboratory.
Authentic Clothing and Costumes: In our 5,000 square meter warehouses, we have over 500,000 outfits, costumes, and accessories from every historical period. From ancient to modern, you can find everything you need for rental or purchase
Time Travel: Once you pass through the warehouse door, a journey through time begins. Through clothing, costumes, and accessories, you can explore different eras: from modern times to prehistory, from fig leaves to astronaut suits
Breakdown by Historical Periods and Departments: In the context of your description, it seems to refer to how the warehouse is organized into different sections for military uniforms, civilian clothing, ecclesiastical attire, sportswear, ethnic garments, intimate apparel, children’s clothing, and formal wear. Quite a diverse range!
Wide Selection: Thanks to continuous creations and acquisitions of authentic items from all around the world, our repertoire is constantly renewed. This always provides you with a wide selection for the realization of your project
Storage and Management System: We utilize an encoded storage system and management software with detailed images. This enables us to carry out precise and swift deliveries, simplifying production return operations as well
Specialized Catalog: eCOSTUMES: is the first catalog dedicated to cinematic and operatic costumes. In addition to being a catalog, it serves as a comprehensive and reliable work tool
Wide Selection: You will find thousands of costumes and accessories for the entertainment industry. Take a look at various historical periods and available categories.
Download Images in PDF: Add the items of your interest to the list and download a PDF file with detailed images. You can print it or attach it to your emails for a comprehensive view.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, send us an email with the details of your project, we’ll be happy to respond promptly and assist you in finding the perfect solution at any stage of your project, while fully respecting the established budget. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us.
Annamode Costumes offers courtesy, professional advice, and collaboration to meet your needs.

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