The Maestri - Italian Art for Movies and Theatre

The Maestri is a London based company bringing to the international market all that is best in Italian costumes, hats, jewellery, armory, wigs, prosthetics and props for cinema, television and theatre.
The Maestri represents some of the oldest and most widely reputed Italian companies in this field, several of these companies winning awards and even an Oscar for the quality of their work.
Our aim is to further the artistic quality of the visual arts, giving directors, costume designers and actors the best to enhance their skills.

The companies we represent are:

"Annamode Costumes" - plays a crucial role in international Television & Film productions, as well as providing services to renowned Theaters and Opera houses . They offer a vast collection of authentic costumes. More than 70 years' experience permits them to deliver a high quality product in a short time and within a given budget.
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"Costumi d'Arte" - From the late forties on, Costumi d'Arte began to feature prominently in major international productions. The high quality of its products is testified to by the many Oscar Nominations won by the costume designers from this company. They have a huge stock of costumes available, ranging from ancient Rome to the present times.
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"E.Rancati" - Since 1864, the world's most famous directors, art designers and costume designers hired or bought props from them. In their workshops, craftsmen create, transform and modify arms, armors, furniture, outfits and jewels that are stored in an area of more than 5000 square meters.
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"Pikkio" - Creativity and passion are the driving force of Pikkio Srl that collaborates with the most famous international fashion brands for the creation and manufacturing of exclusive fashion accessories such as jewellery bags, belts, jewellery and accessories for film and theatre productions. Pikkio is able to produce all kinds of historical jewellery and costume accessories, from primitive, Egyptian, Greek and Roman ornaments to Renaissance, nineteenth-century or recent jewels.
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"Laboratorio Pieroni" is the biggest Italian handcraft company, world renowned in the production and renting of hats, armor and breastplates. Their products are always hand-made, following deep historical research. There in lies their secret of not having any rivals in the business in terms of quality, customization and personalization.
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