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COSTUMI D’ARTE: the costume since 1800

Costumi d’Arte was established, with a different denomination, in 1815 by Angelo Pignotti, an old Napoleonic soldier, whom started in Florence a small antiques business including 16th – 17th century clothes business.

After World War II, the Italian motion picture market opened up to international co productions. It was in this ambit that Giuseppe Peruzzi found himself working as a costume supplier, strong in the experience handed down to him by his three predecessors in the family business since 1800.

From the late forties on, Costumi d’Arte began to feature prominently in major international productions. The high quality of its materials is testified by the many Oscar Nominations won by the costume designer supplied by the company.

Some of the productions: Ben Hur (Premio Oscar – 1959), Cleopatra (Premio Oscar 1964), Titanic (Premio Oscar 1998) ,  Shakespeare in Love (Premio Oscar 1999), Il Gladiatore (Premio Oscar – 2000), Alexander (2005),  Marie Antoinette (Premio Oscar 2007), Elizabeth – The golden Age (Premio Oscar 2008), The Duchess ( Premio Oscar 2009), The young Victoria (Premio Oscar 2010), Alice in Wonderland (Premio Oscar 2011), I Pirati dei Caraibi,  Magic in the moonlight (2014),
The Huntsman: Winter’s war (2015), Poor Things, The Little Marmaid, The Last Duel, Napoleon, Cyrano, House of Gucci, Damsel, Jeanne Du Barry, The Gilded Age Season 1 and 2, Queen Charlotte, Bridgerton Season 1, Ripley.

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