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E. RANCATI: working for the world of entertainment since 1864.

From 1864 to date, the most famous directors, set and costume designers from round the world have contacted E. Rancati (owned by the Sormani family for four generations) , to hire or buy props for the cinema, theatre and television. We’re the largest ‘dream factory’ in Europe with offices in Milan and Rome.

The company produces, transforms and adapts weapons and armour, furniture and furnishings, costume accessories and jewellery of all historical periods, from the origins to the middle of the 20th century.

For us, tradition means evolution. No longer only metal wooden and leather articles. The increasingly sophisticated use of plastics, resins and polyurethanes, created and used by large industry, are reconverted by the intelligence of our ‘entertainment craftsmen’ to challenge fiction and turn it into reality.

Successes in the theatre, first, and then film, of the great maestros of the past – La dolce vita, Ben Hur and El Cid, up to the more recent Alexander, Pirates of the Caribbean, Robin Hood and many others are just some examples of our long career and are a tribute to the quality of our Italian products.

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