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PIERONI WORKSHOP: hats, armour and breastplates for cinema and theatre.

Pieroni is the biggest Italian handcraft company, world renowned in the production and renting of hats, armour and breastplates for cinema and theatre.

The business started during the 1940’s and fastly grew thanks to collaborations with the historical Roman theatre and film costume makers and close affiliations with respected costume designers. The precious and well-respected work of the Pieroni company has hugely contributed to the growth of Cinecittà. With their first big international productions, Pieroni became internationally recognized and has since received many awards for their achievements, including Oscars.

The relationship between Hollywood and Pieroni has become, in the course of the years, consistently more solid and productive, such that in almost every single film with historical costumes, Italian or international, you’ll find a hat or a piece of armour made by Pieroni.

Nowadays, Pieroni is the landmark for the motion-picture handmade quality products. The products are always made by hand, after deep historical research and faithful reconstruction. Therein is the secret of not having any rivals in the business in terms of quality, customization, personalization and sustainability. Only the hands, patience and attention or top-notch expert designers can guarantee an excellent result. The raw materials used are mostly made in Italy and always selected of first choice and top quality.
Pieroni hats or armour play a vital role in adding to the authenticity of any film.

(Photos by Valeria Bono for KreativeBit Digital Agency)
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